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Talent Hour For Persons with Disability Marks 2021 National Disability Day With Games

The Talent Hour for Persons with Disability, a not-for-profit foundation, has organised games for persons with disability to mark this year’s National Disability Day in Accra.

The event, which was held at the St. Johns Park, brought together persons with disability from different parts of the Greater Accra Region.

The games played included soccer, basketball, and draughts. Dancing and eating competitions were also held.

The Founder of the Talent Hour for Persons with Disability, Mr Obeng Ansah, explains that the games were held to inspire hope in people living with disability as well as to encourage parents with children with disability not to lose hope in their children.

He said through the games, many PWDs have been taken away from street begging and are now living descent lives.

He noted that the Foundation seeks to promote talents in persons with disabilities, stressing that the Foundation was established with the aim of creating awareness for a better world that is inclusive, equitable and sustainable for everyone, including persons living with disability.

Mr Obeng Ansah said the Foundation was established to help unleash the talents and potentials of people living with disability, adding that the celebration also helps to bring to attention, the plights of PWDs in the country.

For him, marking of the National Disability Day helps to increase awareness about the plight of persons living with disabilities.

Source: Graphic Online

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