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PWDs Workers At Tollbooths Call For Improved Welfare Package

Mr Rashad Mohammed, National Vice Chairman for the Sports Wing of the Ghana Society of the Physically Disabled (GSPD), has called on the managers of tollbooths to seek for the welfare of staff as they generate money for the nation at the various toll booths.

The condition of tollbooth operators was not good especially the physically challenged staff and called for immediate intervention in the wake of the Tema Tollbooth accident which claimed the life of a disabled cleaner.

Mr Mohammed in an interview with the Ghana News Agency said he was stationed at Accra motorway tollbooth, January 2020 when the company was given to a private company to regulate their activities.

He said the Tollbooths Machines introduced by the private company were bedeviled with lots of challenges but most often the operators were charged for the lapses.

Mr Mohammed noted that when an operator incurred overages it wasn’t added to their salaries but when they incurred losses it would be deducted from their salaries at the end of the month, describing it as unfortunate.

He also cited instances where a malfunction barricade nearly destroyed the windscreen of a vehicle, explaining that “the barricade went up to signal the driver to move after the payment but suddenly it dropped and hit the screen.

“The occupants of the car came out to beat the collector because they said, he intentionally did that, police around couldn’t offer any help, his phone was damage because he wanted to snap the number plate for evidence,” he said.

Mr Mohammed, therefore, called for the establishment of proper structures for the tollbooth operators.
Source: GNA

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