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‘Trained Persons with Disability Produce Better Results As Employees’

THE Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Crystal Lake and JCS Investment Limited, Patricia Safo, has urged business owners to consider employing persons with disability for increased productivity and efficiency.

According to her, persons with disability, when given the relevant training and orientation, worked more satisfactorily and efficiently compared to persons with full abilities, which she believed would boost productivity.

Ms Safo explained that engaging the services of persons with disability could have a significant impact on productivity in business. 

PWDs and challenges

“People with disability often face barriers that limit their ability to participate fully in the labour force, resulting in reduced productivity for both the individual and the economy at large facing quite a number of barriers to decent work in the rising global unemployment crisis.”

“People with disability form an untapped pool of talent that employers need to explore and they can be very productive within organisations and societies when given the opportunity,” Ms Safo pointed out.  

Safo family

Ms Safo made the call when the Safo Family, together with JCS Investment Limited and partners, donated some Samsung tablets to the pupils and students of Demonstration School for the Deaf in Mampong, Akuapem in the Eastern Region.

They also awarded prices to the best twelve students from Kindergarten to JHS in different categories.

The presentation and award of prizes to deserving students and pupils were in commemoration of the second anniversary and part of activities to mark the death of their beloved father, Daniel Yaw Osei Safo, who was the Chairman and Managing Director of Combined Farmers Limited.


Ms Safo, therefore, advocated that employers in the country consider hiring people with disability due to their unique skills.

Those individuals, she emphasised, might have strong visual or spatial skills used in problem-solving and have the ability to focus deeply on tasks.

“Hiring them also promotes diversity and inclusion at the workplace.

Diversity of thoughts, profile, interest, gender and for that matter, diversity of any kind makes the workplace richer in terms of perspective and experience and this increases productivity in the workplace. 

“With the right accommodation and support, persons with disability can still be productive members in society,” she explained. 


Through one of its partnerships, the JCS Investment Limited has extended free training to the disabled community who will need to promote their businesses and products online.

This is a free digital advertising training online, which is a 12-week degree programme, where students learn the basics of digital marketing, marketing strategies, basic digital analytics, content creation and more.

Criteria for selection is anyone above the age of 18 who has a laptop and access to internet connection.

Source: graphic.com.gh

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