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Wives United In Prayer Newtwork Supports Blind Coconut Seller

For many physically challenged people in Ghana, begging has become an industry for them but not Opanyin Nyedu a visually impaired coconut seller in Akropong in the Eastern Region.

On the streets he sold coconut; on the sun or in the rain he served his clients with the tasty fruit to quench their thirst.

Through this industry, he kept his family together and provided for his wife and seven children, one of whom has now gained admission to the Senior High School.

Opanyin Nyedu was never born blind; he lost his sight at a young age under circumstances he could not fathom. He had since lived with the pain of not seeing but has always thanked God for preserving his life.

Sadly the last of his children, Cassandra, is also facing a problem with her sight. That has been a major headache for him and his family.

For such a man who is no stranger to adversity, an act of kindness is the only action he would probably see and that act of kindness came from the Wives United in Prayer Network.

The network is a group of Christian wives from different backgrounds, denominations, ages, and churches.

Collectively, they represent over decades of marriage & life experience and share a common love for Christ with a belief that marriage takes three to be complete: A husband and wife united in love, with Christ at the center.

Led by Maame Tiwaa Dabo Sarkodie, the network, donated a cash amount to Mr. Nyedu for his upkeep and another amount to pay for some expenses for his 18-year-old who has gained admission into senior high.

They also provide an amount of money for a better coconut shed and some assorted drinks.

A member of the network, Mrs. Philomena Afi Antonio-Addo, a model, actress and TV show producer said they are going to enroll the last born into the school of the blind.

Explaining what her network is about Mrs. Antonio-Addo said their mission is to “edify, uplift, support and empower the spiritual growth and maturity” of members as well as support the poor and needy in the society.

Source: myjoyonline.com

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