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Video: Meet 16-Year-Old Disabled Gilbert Otyeng Who Crawls 1.5KM Daily To School

A teenager identified as Gilbert Otyeng is definitely going through a very serious challenge in his life as he desires to be one of the world’s celebrated profession, Doctor after completing his education.

Not privileged like his schoolmates who walk to school on a daily basis, Otyeng has to crawl for that same journey due to his physical disability. A sad story which has gone unnoticed for the past 11 years .

Gilbert crawls for at least 6km daily due to the fact that he also goes back home for lunch and return back to school which results in a total of 30km a week, all in search of an education.

Gilbert Otyeng

“It has been a painful experience for me, waking up very early to crawl to school. I have to return home for lunch, go back for afternoon lessons then in the evening I go home,” Otyeng stated.

The sad part is when it rains, it becomes a double tragedy for the teenager. The mud becomes a friend and Otyeng has to deal with it anyway.
The young hero lost function of his lower limbs at the age of five when they became paralysed.

“Otyeng got disabled when he was five years and since then, things have never been the same again for my son,” his mother, Rosa Pali, disclosed.

He is the 7th child in a family of nine children, his heartfelt request is for well-wishers to help him secure a wheelchair as his school sits on a hill and it would a long way to ease his life.

Below is the video, courtesy of SDV:

Source: atinkanews.net

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