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Special Educators Trained On Cerebral Palsy

Selected Special Education Teachers from various Special Needs Schools in Ghana are undergoing a two week training to sharpen their skills in handling children with cerebral palsy in the classroom.

The teachers will be able to describe cerebral palsy and explain how it affects the child’s participation in school as well as demonstrate appropriate positioning strategies for classroom activities, safe moving and handling in the general school environment.

A statement signed by Ms Mandy Budge, Head of School, Multikids Inclusive Academy, organizers of the programme and copied to the Ghana News Agency, said the project aims at creating a group of teachers and university lecturers who will be able to incorporate children with cerebral palsy in the education environment.

The project on the theme: Enabling Education for children with cerebral palsy in Ghana, hopes to enhance the human resource capacity of professionals working with persons with cerebral palsy.

The statement said two paediatric physiotherapists from the United Kingdom, Diane Lyle and Sophie Appleby will also provide practical hands on training to the teachers to enhance their knowledge on basic therapies they can do with the children in the classrooms.

It said as part of the project, the 19 participants will also receive training in the making of an Appropriate Paper-based technology (APT) equipment used to facilitate the therapy.

The statement said in addition to introducing a Cerebral Palsy module to the University of Education, two lecturers from the University will be trained to ensure sustainability of the programme.

It said the two year funded programme will help answer teachers’ questions and concerns and encourage them in the work they are doing.

The statement said the project funded by UK Aid Direct with support from Cerebral Palsy Africa, Multikids Africa and SWEB Foundation will also equip the teachers to demonstrate strategies to sensitize communities to the needs of children with cerebral palsy and benefits that education can bring them, it said

Source: GNA

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