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Physically Challenged Lawyer Passes International Arbitration Online Assessment

Jennifer Oghenewaire Nikoro

Nigerian Legal practitioner Jennifer Oghenewaire Nikoro has passed her International Arbitration online assessment to become one of the world’s Arbitrators.

Jennifer who is physically challenged is a legal practitioner with various awards and qualifications to her credit.

She defied the odds of criticism and mockery in society and has become one of the most successful and respected lawyers in society.

She is a legal practitioner, an Arbitrator, a Mediator, Public Speaker, and a Disability coach who uses her influence to inspire persons with disabilities.

She has been the mentor and role model to many others who are not even physically challenged.

She is a graduate of law with an LLB from the Ambrose Ali University and a Bachelor of Law from the Nigeria Law School with a communications background, she is a solicitor and very abreast with corporate law.

Jennifer works as a litigation counsel at the K.U Okoro and Associates and a Solicitor at the Canaan Solicitor.

However, she is into debt recovery, insolvency, and land matters, her sense of humor can’t be overlooked. She is one of the world’s Lawyers with disabilities.


Source: vicruz.com

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