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Meet The Two Amazing Blind Couple Who Have Been Married For 40 Years

Two visually-impaired Ghanaians are enjoying perhaps, deserved praise after news of their 40-year marriage broke through to the rest of the world via Facebook.

They say love is blind but no two people could have actualised the saying more than Augustine Marfo and Juliana Agyeiwaa, two visually-impaired couple who have been married for 40 years. The story of the couple was posted on Facebook by sports journalist Saddick Adams. Marfo and Agyeiwaa apparently met in 1970s and have been married for 40 years. The pair have four children, including an adopted child from Agyeiwaa’s deceased sister. And perhaps more surprisingly, the couple have never had a house-help.

Narrating the story of how they met, Marfo said: “There was a group known as the Ghana Association of the Blind (GAB). It is now the Ghana Blind Union (GBU). A visually challenged person is welcomed to join. So we got introduced at a meeting of GAB. We struck a friendship and worked together for the good of the group. Later, we became close.” Asked why he was attracted to Agyeiwaa out of all the members of GAB, Marfo responded: “I would have to say it is the work of the Lord.” But Agyeiwaa said when she was approached by Marfo, she thought he was just joking. It would take some good amount of time before she came around.

The first of their children is 33, the second is 29 and the third is 27. None of them have challenges with their sight. Marfo said he was not born blind but while he was still a toddler, he fell ill and that affected his sight. To demonstrate that he is able to take care of himself, he operated his television, switching from station to station. Obviously, he tunes in for the entertainment and information via sound.

Agyeiwaa on her part, is able to cook, even using sharp kitchen objects like knives. As the video showed, is is something she has done for quite a while. .This pair look made for each other. The couple say they are happy together. And it may not be far from the truth These are two people who have never seen each other. They have only felt, smelled and heard each other.

Source: Yen.com.gh

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