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Ghana’s Derick Omari Receives Grant To Empower PwDs Through 3D solutions

Derick & Midia

2018 #QueensYoungLeaders Award winner Derick from Ghana set up Tech Era to introduce technology to disadvantaged children & is now collaborating with fellow 2018 award winner Midia from Canada, who works to design cost-effective 3D prosthetics for amputated refugees & children living in poverty.

To support their work, Derick & Midia have received #QueensYoungLeaders Legacy Fund grant which will enable Tech Era to create 3D-printed solutions that can be scaled & mass produced to support young people living with a disability to access education & employment.
Created to celebrate the remarkable achievements of the #QueensYoungLeaders, the Legacy Fund will help recipients like Derick & Midia build on the life-changing work they are delivering in their communities around the #Commonwealth. Learn more here > http://bit.ly/2Q6syHW
Source- Queens Young Leaders

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