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Ghana Special Needs School

Having worked for years in Ghana’s capital Accra with children and young adults with special needs, Emma Elinam Shallah decided it was time her hometown benefits from her rich experience.

Her motivation was borne out of the fact that a number of children with disability in the area are being left out of education because their parents cannot afford to send their children to the regions only special school located about 204 kilometres away.

“I went back to the assembly and inquired from them if we could do something and they were like yes yes yes if I could organize myself and put few things together yes we could start something because the children the few who are able to go to school from here, go all the way to Hohoe and the rest are at home”, said Emma Elinam Sallah, founder, Anlo special school.

She concedes the support of friends and her seafood business is not enough to sustain the project.

“The whole thing is self-funded, we don’t take money from any parent, so I will say we need financial support and yes so we don’t have a proper classroom structure so that is our most pressing need for now,” add Emma Elinam Sallah.

With her Anlo Special needs school, Emma Elinam Sallah is gradually dispelling the stigma surrounding children with physical disabilities.

Source: Africa News

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