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Families Urged To Support Relatives With Disabilities

Mr Felix Agbotsu

The founder of Simon Agbotsu Foundation For The Young Disabled (SAFFTYD), Mr Felix Agbotsu, has urged families who have relatives with disabilities to do well to support them.

According to him, the amount of support they give their relatives with disabilities will determine whether they will become assets or liabilities.

Mr Agbotsu acknowledges that the love and care his family provided him when he became disabled, resulted in him living a very decent life today.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with DisabilityNewGH.com, the former member of the British Army who became disabled through a road traffic accident, also appeals to the general public to stop all negative attitudes towards persons with disabilities.

He notes that stigmatization of persons with disabilities is very pervasive in the country and has not only caused many persons with disabilities to feel inferior to others in society but also become defensive when they are being approached.

Mr Felix Agbotsu asserts that if the public was loving and supportive, persons with disabilities begging on the streets wouldn’t be there. And so there is the need to give them love, care, and support.

While entreating corporate bodies to look beyond people’s disabilities and employ them in their firms, he also urges the Government to put programmes and policies in place to improve the lives of persons with disabilities.


Source: DisabilityNewsgh.com

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