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Covid-19: 16-Year-Old-Boy Donates Food Items To PWDs In Accra

A 16-year-old boy and Founder of Limitless Ghana Foundation, Arnav Nambiar has made an enormous donation of food items to Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) in Accra.

The donation, which includes 150 bags of rice and 25 cartons of Milo was to support the PWDS in the country amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Arnav Nambiar did the presentation at the Accra Rehabilitation Centre today (Tuesday, April 28th) with the support of his family and friends. The Minister of Gender, Children & Social Protection, Cynthia Mamle Morrison received the donation.

Presenting  the items to the PWDs, the high school student of Lincoln Community School noted that the main objective of the Limitless Ghana Foundation, is to create awareness about people living with disabilities in Ghana and support their needs by raising funds through any means possible.

Arnav Nambiar said, “The outbreak of Corona showed us how vulnerable we are as a society to disasters.It also showed us how we may not necessarily be prepared to deal with a pandemic of this proportion. In my opinion, it is my job as an Ambassador for the Paralympics team to help aid the community in Accra during these difficult times. I sincerely hope that the pandemic will soon be a thing of the past and we can all go about our lives peacefully.”

Arnav Nambiar called on the youth to also support PWDs with their resources especially when the whole world is in crisis.

After receiving the Items, the Minister of Gender commended the 16-year-old for supporting the PWDs with the funds he raised through the Limitless Ghana Foundation.

She called on the public to emulate the gesture by the boy so that PWDs and all other vulnerable persons will feel part of the society.

“For a young man at his age to think about the vulnerable and to raise awareness at this time, I encourage other young boys and girls to do same. I know that a lot of young boys and girls have big parents who can rally behind them to get things going, so that we would all together know that there are people who are in need, that in times of crisis, we would come together and help,”she said.

For his part, Dr Peter Obeng Asamoah, the Executive Director of Ghana Blind Union thanked Arnav Nambiar for his gesture, encouraging the public to support PWDs in the country especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Elvis Alpui, a National Accessibility Ambassador, who is also a PWD, also applauded the boy for remembering PWDs in such difficult times.

He also appealed to the public to channel their support to the PWDs so that they can also have resilience in their daily activities.

President for the Greater Accra Federation of Disability organisations, Anthony Adarkwa, also commended the young donor for remembering them in such a critical time.

He noted that PWDs were unable to go out to queue to get food being donated by government, companies or individuals on the streets, urging all to emulate how the young boy has presented the food items to them.

About Limitless:

Limitless Ghana Foundation is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) whose main objective is to create awareness about people living with disabilities in Ghana and supporting their needs by raising funds through any means possible.
This organization was established by Nambiar in 2018 after he met with a road accident which left him in a wheelchair and crutches for a few weeks.
The project is called “Limitless” because it truly represents the spirit of the people with impairments.
Over the course of two years Arnav has been meeting various heads of organizations to advocate for the communities who need the most support.
The National Paralympic Committee, appointed Arnav as the Ambassador of the Ghana Paralympic team for the upcoming Tokyo Olympics.
Source: atinkaonline.com

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