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Visually Impaired Aspires To Be An Assembly Member

Mr. Ebenezer Ayiku Akuaku–Anderson, a  visually impaired man, is drawing rapt attention from voters of Lomobiaweh Electoral Area in the Ada East District, after launching his campaign to be their Assembly member.

In an interview with the GNA, Mr. Ayiku a.k.a Kpangme, said, “You know, every disabled person must know that life does not give us what we deserve but rather give us what we fight for.

Disability is not inability and as such, I want to prove to myself and the community at large that I have got a lot to offer.”

Mr Akuaku is the President, Persons with Disability, Dangme Union, and Spokesperson, Ada East District branch, Ghana Blind Union.

He said,” I want to empower the visually impaired and state that what the non visually  impaired can do, we can also do it and do it better for the development of our communities.

Sanitation in my community enjoys low patronage and I want to use this podium to elevate it. ”

He told the GNA that  peace and unity were crucial values to the growth of any community.

“We should not nurture any action which will divide us and rob us of the peace and unity we have. So I want to come in to help curb all that and reinstate the peace we used to enjoy.”

If I was able to advocate for children who are  needy  but non visually impaired and visually impaired and could not go to school, to be sent to school, then I believe that when given the chance, I can to a lot, he said.

“The 12 visually  impaired were sent to the special school of the blind ( Three Kings Special school of the blind, Avakpedome-Adidome and 3 Non visually impaired also have been placed in a different school. I know Lomobiaweh Electoral Area will develop when I’m voted for, “according to him.

Lomobiaweh Electoral Area is part of  Big Ada in the Ada East District with a high prevalence rate of Open Defecation due to its few household toilets.

It is poorly lit at night which exposes residents to the dangers and uncertainties of the night.

Source: GNA

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