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The Epicentre Establishes Breakfast Club For Special Needs Families

Mrs Ankrah said the breakfast club is not limited to just parents of Epicentre but all families raising children with developmental challenges

The Epicentre, a not for profit organization that provides education and therapy services for children with developmental delays has established a breakfast club as a way of bring families raising children with special needs together.

Mrs Joyce Ankrah, Executive Director of Epicentre told the Special Mothers Project that “I’ve been thinking of ways of bringing parents, staff and children together for a very long time. I realized parents are extremely busy and very rarely accompany their children to school.”

The Breakfast club meetings which is expected to be held every quarter or as and when parents demands will be informal and a day for interacting with staff, children and their siblings as well as for de-stressing.

Mrs Ankrah said the first of such meetings was held in December last year where families discussed the importance of having good breakfast.

She said the breakfast meetings will present parents the opportunity to have a good breakfast with their children especially those with developmental challenges eat healthily

It will also improve social development, help staff get to know children better and afford  parents, carers, health professionals and the community an opportunity to interact more effectively.


Source: specialmothersproject.blogspot.com

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