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“Support Deaf Students In Ghana To Learn Online Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic” – Ghana Deaf Teachers Union

The Ghana Deaf Teachers Union (GDTU) is appealing to government, educationalists, Philanthropists, members of the union, the general public and other stakeholders to support their initiative to design an Online Learning App to serve deaf students nationwide in basic and secondary schools.

In a statement issued by the Board of the Ghana Deaf Teachers Union, stated that their closed-door discussions on the development of an online learning app as the country faces a lock-down due to the coronavirus pandemic has been fruitful.

They are in a very advance stage of concluding on discussions and striking a deal towards the development of the app.

“Once again, we are facing a new challenge, to design a solution (Online Learning App) to serve deaf students nationwide in basic and secondary schools. This require us to contribute cash to fund the project” they stated.

The GDTU Board explains that the project is not aimed as a short term solution but rather a long term solution that will help both deaf students and teachers to interact even after classroom sections when the coronavirus outbreak comes to a hot.

They plead with stakeholders of the educational sector including Philanthropists and the general public to support them financially to reach an amount not less than GH₵ 6,000 to cover the cost of developing and hosting the App. Contributions can be sent through MTN momo on 0245814229 with the name Issifu Seidu.

The Board stated that they are seriously amazed to discover that their counterpart, heads of special schools have not come out with any statement or directive to teachers in the various schools for the deaf on how to engage deaf students in trying times like this.

They commended colleagues and old students of Volta School for the Deaf who took a cue from the GDTU  initiative and have started a project to support their Alma mater.

“God bless you all as we prepare to contribute to support this new project but stay at home to stay alive to contribute and witness the launch of this project because the deaf community need you” they concluded.


Source: educationghana.net

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