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Partially Blind Boy Leaves Ghana Today For Surgery In India

The partially blind boy, Ransford Yohannes Agbenu, who needed support from the public to undergo an eye surgery in India is set to leave Ghana today, Tuesday, March 3, 2020.
After news publications on Atinka TV, Atinka 104.7 FM and Atinkaonline.com that sought funds from the public to support the boy who was about to lose his sight, a section of the public donated enough funds to purchase medications for the boy aside the money needed for his surgery.
However, Ghanaian Businessman and Founder of Engineers and Planners, Mr. Ibrahim Mahama, who initially supported the boy in purchasing his medication also fully paid an amount of 8310 US Dollars for the partially blind boy to undergo the eye surgery in India.

After the payment, the Atinka News Team used the remaining funds to secure an expressed passport for the boy and his guardian, as well as visas for the two.

From the same donations, the Atinka News Team purchased plane tickets for the two who will spend about 45 days in India.

Ransford Yohannes Agbenu who was diagnosed of  total Limbal stem cell deficiency due to vernal keratoconjunctivities with Limbar and corneal involvement has a sight of 2 centimetres.

He is on autologus syrum and other medication on both eyes and will undergo a buston k. Pro surgery which cost 8,310 Dollars in a branch of Dr Agarwal’s hospital in India for both eyes.

In a pre-departure meeting with  sponsors, Mr Rafik Mahama, an aide to Mr Ibrahim Mahama stated that although Engineers and Planners supports a lot of people through its corporate social responsibilities, Ransford Yohannes Agbenu’s story was touching and therefore had to support him as well.

He was hopeful that the surgery will be successful so that the boy can go back to school and be as happy as every child should be.

On behalf of Engineers and Planners, Mr Rafik Mahama thanked the entire public who supported the boy with their resources.

Guardian of the boy, Jennifer Hlordzi also thanked Mr Mahama and all those who donated, the entire Atinka Media Village team and all who supported from other media houses.

She was also hopeful that the surgery goes successful so that she can also go back to work while the boy goes to school.

Ransford Yohannes Agbenu also thanked the entire public and Mr Mahama for their immense support.

Atinka News Editor, Regina Asamoah also thanked the entire public and Mr Mahama for supporting the boy.



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