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Human Rights Advocate Defrauds Visually Impaired Teacher

Madam Felicia Adikie Buertey

A teacher with visual impairment, madam Felicia Adikie Buertey of the Dawu-Awukugua Presbyterian basic school in the Eastern Region of Ghana, is seeking the help of the public to find a man who offered to help her but ended up swindling her.

The man, Kwabena Kumi Ofori Addo presented himself to madam Felicia as a human rights advocate at a time she had issues with her former boyfriend, and offered to assist her to seek justice.

Kwabena actually assisted her to sue the man at the Mampong District court.

Madam Felicia Buertey got disappointed when the court, at a point when her former boyfriend stopped going to the court, told her to go and look for the man and call them to go and arrest him.

Impossible for her a blind woman to go looking for her abusive former boyfriend, she decided to stop pursuing the case.

Few months after, Kwabena approached madam Felicia with a request to take a loan for him from the bank where she saves.

Madam Felicia, seeing the request as an opportunity to return a favour, obliged and requested a loan of Gh¢13,000 with the agreement for it together with an interest of Gh¢5,000 to be deducted from her salary monthly over a two-year period, while Kwabena promised to pay it to her in a monthly instalment.

She later discovered when the deduction started, that she had signed for a loan of Gh¢13,900 instead of the Gh¢13,000 Kwabena told her. She tried finding out from him why it was so but that resulted in argument.

In the end, Kwabena paid only about Gh¢3,000 out of a total of Gh¢18,900 and then vanished into thin air.

His mother who is the Queen Mother of Osino in the Eastern Region, later intervened and promised to pay the rest but managed to pay only Gh¢6,000.

Madam Felicia Buertey who narrated the incident in an interview with DisabilityNewsGH said, Kwabena does not answer her calls anymore and all other efforts to reach him have proven futile.

She is, therefore, calling on the public, particularly people within the Dewu-Mampong enclave to help her find Kwabena Kumi Ofori Addo, the son of the Queen Mother of Osino.

Source: DisabilityNewsGH.com

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