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Hearing-Impaired Woman Becomes 1st In Her Family To Obtain PhD

Dr. Rhinah Singo at her graduation. Photo credit: Supplied. Source: Original

– A woman, Dr Rhinah Singo, recently graduated with her PhD at the University and her story is truly inspiring

At a very young age, Dr Singo was diagnosed with deafness – However, she did not let the disability get in the way of her success and she became the first person in her family to obtain a PhD.

Many people have excuses to why they can’t follow their dreams and achieve greatness. However, one woman proved that nothing can stand in your way if you work hard enough.

Last week, Dr Rhinah Singo proudly accepted her Doctorate Degree in Hydrology at the University of Venda. However, her road to success was far from easy and her determination to succeed made her the epitome of a strong South African woman. Speaking to Briefly.co.za, Dr Singo revealed she was diagnosed with deafness at the age of six.

She had to work harder to make her dreams a reality and she learned to communicate by reading lips and scribbling notes.

Her determinations paid of though – she became the first person in her family to graduate with a PhD.

“I am very happy to be the first to obtain a PhD in my family,and also the first female in my village to ever reached that far. My disability doesn’t mean inability.

I always worked hard and tirelessly so that my work would speak for me,” she said. Aside from having to live with the disability, Dr Singo said she also had to face haters who tried to discourage her. Luckily, she did not allow their negative attitudes dictate her life and she worked hard to prove them wrong.

“My hard work spoke volumes for me and I proved them wrong. People with disabilities must be given a chance to showcase their potentials in societies they belong, instead of being looked down on,” she said. Dr Singo revealed it was not all bad, adding she met many good people who encouraged her along the way.

“I met a lot of people during my PhD studies who installed good and positive morals in my life which will greatly help me as I progress in the field I have chosen.”

The success Dr Singo had her in field of study also enabled her to travel to several countries, including Italy and Mozambique, where she had the honour of presenting some of her academic papers.

Now, the inspirational PhD graduate hopes to inspires both people with and without disabilities.

Source: briefly.co.za

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