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Ghana: Toddler With Distinct Blue Eyes Goes Viral

A photo of a toddler with blue bright eyes shared among Ghanaians on Facebook has gone viral.

The toddler identified as Chogtaa and almost two years old is said to be suffering from a rare condition called Waardenberg Syndrome (WS).

Waardenburg syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that often leads to hearing impairment, minor defects and pigmentation changes of hair, skin and eyes.

Some family members believe she (Chogtaa) is under a curse. Others believe she is visually impaired and some health professionals her mom met gave weird explanations as having caused the condition

“She attracts a lot of attention for both negative and positive reasons but the negative outweighs the positives. Some kids call her a doll because of her eyes and she would normally shy away due to the attention,” Afi Antonio, a model who first discovered her said in a Facebook post.

The fact that Chogtaa is cursed is untrue. That she is blind is also untrue. The only true fact is she is deaf and that is why Afi wants to help raise funds for her surgery.

“I am planning for a photo shoot with her and when the photos are ready, we would use social media to seek for support,” Afi said in an interview.

She adds that since the pictures were posted, a lot of people have also shown interest to help raise funds.

The photo shoot will serve two purposes: Creating awareness about the disorder and raising funds for her surgery.

Afritorial.com suggests that, Wardenburg Syndromes (WS), happens in 1 in every 42,000 births and is a deficiency inherited from single parent, who may or may not display similar characteristics.

It is totally possible for a baby from black parents to have blue eyes but it’s rare and because it’s not normal to people, they often come up with weird causes for it.

Tech Meseum of Innovation have come up with 3 possible reasons why black babies could have blue eyes: people with Caucasian relatives in the past, a rare disease that makes a person an albino only in the eyes or anew mutation.

To find out more on WS, search for black people with blue eyes and you will be thrilled what you see. Have you ever met a black person with blue eyes anywhere in the world? Share with us!

Source: Modern Ghana

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