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Create Space For PWDs To Showcase What Is Within ‘Us’ – Oti Minister Designate

Joshua Makubu – Oti Regional Minister designate

The Oti Regional Minister designate, Joshua Makubu is confident that his appointment will help in ending negative stereotypes about persons with disabilities (PWD).

Mr Makubu, an advocate and a person living with disability himself was Thursday announced as a Regional Minister designate for Oti in President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s second term.

Mr Makubu’s nomination has been forwarded to Parliament for vetting and approval.

In a radio interview with Accra based Citi FM, Mr Makubu said his appointment affirms that persons with disabilities are capable of serving the nation.

“It is something that I am finding difficult to belief. Not until you called me and I am talking about it then I am sure that it is very real because of past events and what one has to go through.”

“But I think so far so good, and it is something that I never ever expected that it will come in such a very simple and straight forward manner. Certain substantive positions and other positions of influence for persons with disabilities, to give them the opportunity to showcase their capabilities. We are not saying that we should be favoured by giving opportunities, no! We want the space to be created for us to showcase what is within us.”

“Because there are a lot of people who are still living in this kind of stereotype and prejudice, the moment they see you as a person with disability, the next thing they think about is alms, what to get for me to go and buy some water or food and eat and we want to say enough is enough,” he said in the radio interview.


Source: Graphic Online

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